World Travel & Tourism Council publish first report on travel and tourism impact upon European cities

The World Travel & Tourism Council has issued its first report on the economic and employment impact of travel and tourism in European cities. Its expertise is often employed on a national and regional level.

The report looks at 65 European cities ranked highest for numbers and spending of visitors and investigates percentage of GDP, share of employment and how growth figures may change in the future.

London's travel and tourism sector is the second largest in Europe and accounts for 18.6% of the UK's total travel and tourism GDP though it's only 1.9% of London's overlal GDP contribution. London's inbound visitor spending in 2016 was the largest of the 65 cities at 18.9 billion Euros, and has the second largest employment contribution after Paris, at almost 228,000 and a predicted increase up to 285,000 by 2026.

Read the report here.

Image from the front cover of the World Travel & Tourism Council 'City Travel & Tourism Impact 2017 Europe' report.

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