Into Yourself, Fall by Anish Kapoor

A new collaboration with Acute Art sees the first virtual reality artwork by Anish Kapoor presented in the dramatic setting of Windmill Hill on the Waddesdon estate. 

‘Into Yourself, Fall’ (2018) takes users on a journey through the human body, experiencing the sensation of falling into yourself. The work seeks to simulate vertigo, depicting a labyrinth of the inner workings of the self.

Starting the journey in a forest scene, in a clearing surrounded by trees, users encounter a large black void in the ground. Users then travel through a complex series of tunnels with walls that appear to be made of sinewy flesh and muscle. With this work, Kapoor invites users to experience a surreal sensation of exploring the unknown, with viewers losing themselves in another realm.

With a soundtrack created by the artist’s son Ishan Kapoor, ‘Into Yourself, Fall’ directly transports the viewer into the artist’s own visceral virtual reality.

‘Into Yourself, Fall’ is presented in collaboration with Acute Art.

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