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If hard power is a pushing force, soft power is a pulling force.

The Prime Minister has announced a new 5-point plan to boost tourism across the UK with the aim to encourage visitors to discover more of what the UK has to offer in addition to the capital.

Usurp Art, founded in 2000, launched the Usurp arts space and studios in 2010 to develop opportunities for communities to engage with artists, musicians, poets, filmmakers, activists, writers, per

Do you need help getting started with taking your programme abroad?

Make sure you are pitch perfect before you approach UK embassies as they can provide extra support and valuable local insight which can increase the success and impact of your international activi

Sandra Shevey has had a love affair with Britain`s old street markets since arriving in the Sixties.

Sandra Shevey is a writer, a filmmaker and a courier who subscribes to the viewpoint that we are obliged to generate tourism in areas not just in London but outside too.

Last month Alfred Hitchcock historian Sandra Shevey was interviewed by French Television for a documentary about Alfred Hitchcock London film locations.


Julie’s Bicycle is the leading global charity bridging the gap between environmental sustainability and the creative industries. 

Out of 250 applications, the British Council has chosen 30 artists and companies to promote their work to a delegation of visiting international programmers looking to take new work to global audi